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Sarah Palin–Qualified for VP or Not?

I recieved this as an email:

PBS has a poll going: Do you think Sarah Palin is qualified to serve as
Vice President of the UA?

Voting started at about 66% No, 30% Yes.  This is now changing.  The right wing has an email campaign going to turn the results around.


After you vote, please send this to others.


I thought I’d post it here and see if anyone was interested.  It’s pretty crazy if you ask me. It’s not a scientific poll but like that matters.  Either side will take it and run with it.  I think this whole focus on the “polls” is destroying our voting system.  People stay in or out depending on the polls.  Rather than thinking for themselves everything boils down to the polls–for both the politicians and the voters.  It’s all making me nausious!  Can’t it be November 10 yet?


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