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Thanksgiving Road Trip

Yesterday was a very INTERESTING day, filled with crazy roadside attractions.  I’ll let the pics speak for themselves!

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This is fabulous, I’m sitting on the porch looking out at the mountains.  The weather is unbelievably warm.  Chatting with family, watching the kids play.  It’s heaven on earth. 

Thanks be to God!

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strange dreams

I used to have a strange sort of nightmare on a fairly regular basis.  It’s been years since I’ve had them.   They returned last night.  They are difficult to fully explain without revealing too much of myself.  Let’s just say that it worries me that they have returned.  I can’t help but wonder why they have come back.  I had assumed that they left because I had worked out the issues that caused them to start.

Perhaps I’m simply stressed out.  Church is going wonderfully well–but it is my first Advent & Christmas on my own–which is looking extremely busy.  Perhaps that is all it is.  A little extra stress.  I’m trying not to be overly bothered by the dream(s).  If they begin to plague my sleep I’ll reconsider.

I’m looking for some resources on Christian spirituality in the face of cancer–any suggestions?

Peace and blessings.

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Check this out…

This weekend I began taking advantage of all of the free ways to get our church online and into the 21st Century.  I’ve been wanting to do this for quite a while but had encountered some resistance.  Finally I realized that just because there is resistance doesn’t mean that I shouldn’t do it!

We now have a church blog at Mound City & Sharp’s Grove UMC Blog (yes, a rather boring name but it will do for now), a myspace page and a Facebook page where you can become a fan! 

We’ve also begun the process of becoming part of mychurch.org which is quite interesting in and of itself.  They confirm that you are actually a church (that’s a good thing right?) and you also have to be a church that agrees and conforms to the Nicene Creed.  We’re not a creedal church but we use it from time to time and other Methodist churches are on the site, so I figure we’re safe.  It did suprise me though.  I guess some folks just have to draw that line of who’s in and who’s out.  That drives me bonkers but unfortunately it’s nothing new.

Peace out!

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Enough already

It’s not exactly a secret that I was not impressed with McCain’s choice in VP, Sarah Palin.  I’m definately not a fan.  However, the hating on Sarah Palin needs to stop! 

Seriously, the election is over and she deserves to go home and recover–without all the ugliness that continues to be thrown at her.  As I watched a reporter ask her about some anonymous and rude remarks that insulted and basically laid McCain’s loss on her shoulders, I was actually impressed and felt a “you go girl!” boiling up inside of me.  She refused to address anything that was said anonymously.  She also went on to bash the anonymous persons and at this point I remembered why I wasn’t so impressed. 

I think she was dead on refusing to acknowledge and answer to any anonymous comments.  In The Competent Pastor, Sisk reccomends a similiar strategy in recieving anonymous ugly remarks.  Don’t get your hackles up by it, if it is a written note–post it! 

One of the most gracious things I’ve read post-election has been a “Letter to the losers” by Donna Brazile.  Ms. Brazile’s letter exemplifies grace and understanding.  She encourages those who had worked on a losing campaign against the in-fighting that has been going on, pointing out that it’s self-inflicting wounds which no-one needs or deserves.

Pehaps all of us, winners and “losers”, should take our cues from Brazile and deeply exhale, relax, and get back to our “normal” lives as Obama prepares to take office.  There is plenty of hard work all of us need to prepare to undertake. 

I for one look forward to a government led by hope rather than fear.  This is one campaign promise I expect Obama to keep.  We need to move forward as individuals and as a country with hope and faith.

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