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Hello, things have been busy around here.  Not really busy-ness but there are days that it’s felt that way.

I’ve revised my schedule and I think it’s better because it’s certainly making me tired most days!  I’ve also been doing more pastoral visits which is very nice as well. 

Things are wonderful–especially since the weather is beautiful today and is supposed to be even nicer tomorrow!  Wahoo!

We went roller skating as a church this past Sunday afternoon.  It was a blast!  If you’re on Facebook you can check out the animoto video/slideshow I created with some pics from that day.  I was shocked by how many people showed up.  It was wonderful! 

Talk about being exhausted!  I was beat that night.  I was also had some extremely sore shoulder and neck muscles.  One of the “games” was  a 3-some skate.  Two of our young and burly men took me onto the rink 100_5167with them.  As the DJ played Cotton-Eyed Joe (remember that from the 90’s?) he called out for us to switch directions.  We were going fast and furious while also turning and eventually spinning around!  It was way crazy!  And fun!  I was a bit dizzy afterwards but totally enjoyed it.

Supposedly it is recorded on video.  Yikes!  I don’t want to see that!

It is a real joy to be in these churches.  The people are great fun and have huge hearts.  I hope that we go far in our faith journey together–even if it means switching directions now and then!



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Songbird writes

In a week of wondering how various things in our family life soundofmusic4will unfold, I found myself thinking of the way Maria comforted the Von Trapp children in one of my favorite movies. Frightened by a thunder storm, the children descend upon her, and she sings to them about her favorite things, taking their minds off the storm.

So, let’s encourage ourselves. Share with us five of your favorite things. Use words or pictures, whatever expresses it best.

ajrriojcawiv797cabtq56ecagvxufycagrqwqdcajjrjggca5k7x66cayosb6qcajzd5mdca7z8zw2cai37f8ncamqu3mwcalx8b5acamyyhu7cayok8n5camfyw9lca94x1pdca368fjrcazsm0pa1SmartWool Socks  my wonderful sister-in-law gave me a pair this Christmas.  They are heavenly!  Definately worth the expense!  They are cute and colorful but even better is that they have special cushions built in–they totally soothe your feet all day!   

Orange–I LOVE the color ORANGE.  It makes me feel happy and warm!

SingStar & DDR (Dance Dance Revolution)–I’m counting them as one, I apologize if that is cheating.  Both are games for PS2 and all those other video consoles out there.  SingStar is sort of like graded karoke and you can play as duets, against one another, a variety of ways.  It’s great fun with a group.  DDR is much harder than it looks but is also great fun and actually gets your heart pumping.  You can be totally serious or totally silly with both.  We are new to video games at our house, we have a used PS2 and the only games that get played are DDR and SingStar–oh yeah, and Guitar Hero but that’s not my favorite! 🙂

Facebook!  I love facebook because I’ve been able to get in contact with folks from my childhood.  We may not talk all the time but it’s fun to just get caught up with people from the past.  It’s a goofy phenom but I totally enjoy it!  Come and be my friend!

ai8nwlfca0d2s0lcaw4cec4casq334zcapgjmlfca1g8zikcae7nfpxcajle5tnca9ugp6rcavun7nocar6cvzgca2yb3l4caydllr4ca26hp2aca70hzehca2spr2fcar66pzyca0cefq1cas2s4oxThe new Wesleyan Study Bible–it has the perfect “heft” for reading.  Some of my Bibles have pages so thin it feels as if they’ll tear just turning them, others are so heavy and big that it’s a pain to lug them around.  But not so with the Wesleyan Study Bible!  It feels good in your hands, the print is perfect for reading, and it’s fun reading the commentary’s by some fantastic Wesleyan theologians and getting little tidbits on Wesleyan catch words.  I absolutely LOVE it!

And just because I can’t help it, I have to add Kipling Bags.  I bought my one and only back in 1993.  It’s a huge bright orange backpack made of the same material as parachutes.  It’s the most sturdy and long lasting thing I’ve ever had.  It’s been used and abused and is still going strong.  Plus, there is a super cute monkey attached!  I’ve been thinking about getting another Kipling bag, one more like a purse.  They are expensive (at least to me) but worth it. kip2

 ps. there’s nothing about God or family here because they are not mere “things”  they are far more valuable than any “thing” i can think of!

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Drinking the kool-aid

I’m a typical Gen Xer.  I want to beleive that I’m unique.  I accuse my favorite band/singer of “selling out” when my favorite band becomes EVERYONE else’s  favorite too.  I don’t want to be just one of the crowd. 


A few years ago I was introduced to Brian McLaren.  We read one of his first books (sorry, I don’t remember the title) for an evangelism class.  I liked some of what he said but was frustrated by how conservative he was.  Then he came to Saint Paul to give a few lectures.  I was intrigued by his popularity and wondered about how he seemed to meld what he said to one group into something slightly more palatable to a different group.  I questioned his authenticity.  In a very small group setting it was difficult to deny his likability, he defiantely has “charisma” a  certain energy that is highly appealing.  A friend suggested that I read one of his newer books and I’d see that he’d changed some of his eariler stances.  I didn’t.

Last year in preaching I thought it was interesting when our prof was suggesting other preachers for us to check out based on our individual styles.  He suggested that I check out Brian McClaren.  I didn’t. 

I’m not sure what it was that finally got me to read another of his books.  Last week I began reading his book, The Secret Message of Jesus.  I feel as if I’m now “drinking the kool-aid” as a friend of mine would say.  I LOVE this book!  It feels like he got into my head and is able to put my thoughts and feelings into words.

So what do I do now that I’m drinking the kool-aid?  I guess suggest it to you.  I loathe feeling like a groupie but it’s a great book and totally affirming.  I guess it’s hard to dislike someone who is saying things that you’ve been trying to get out, it’s hard to dislike someone who thinks a lot like you.

So check out the Brian D. McClaren41z4plxad7l__ss500_ kool-aid–it’s good stuff!

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